Bryan Anthonys When Life Gives You Lemons Necklace


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When darkness breaks into the sky and heartbreak falls at your feet. When things aren't as expected and plans are buried in uncertainty. When loss seems to follow and goodbyes settle inside your chest. When the unknown becomes a continuous path and you’re unable to catch your breath. Let yourself feel the sorrow and the softness, remembering that true healing comes in waves. You can still find peace within the wild of it all, even if it doesn't make perfect sense. No matter what happens, joy can still find you. Light can still grow in the darkest corners of your being. For more often than not, our happiness and hurt overlap beyond what is seen. Because life will let you fall, but it will also give you wings. It will make you walk through fire, but it will also light your path with all the gold it brings. When life gives you lemons, may you hold on to grace. Life can still be beautiful, even when things feel out of place. For flowers bloom from soil and stars shine in the darkest hours, so rest assured, something sweet can arise from something sour. No matter the darkness you go through, there will always be light waiting for you — the sun always reveals itself to those who have felt the rain.

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